Name: Katie
Graduation Year: 2021
Middle School: Julia Morgan School for Girls
Hometown: Orinda
What's the biggest difference between middle school and high school?The workload has been a big change for me, but I feel that even after a couple of months at Prep I was learning with a completely different attitude and method than I used in middle school. I was basically "learning how to learn," a skill that I know I will  be extremely grateful for in the future.
Why are you glad that you chose College Prep? At my open house visit, I clearly remember a teacher affectionately referring to alumni and current students as the "children" that he never had. The open, inclusive and incredibly compassionate community at Prep is now my  home, and has been exactly the place I wanted in order to grow in skills and confidence. College Prep has taught me I’m more capable than I had previously realized, and introduced me to some of the most interesting and passionate peers I may ever meet. 
What advice do you have for 8th graders applying to high school? Try to take some time for yourself to think! :) It can be so overwhelming to make an important decision when everyone is trying to influence you one way or another. Where do you feel at home? Which school has the culture that you can see yourself flourishing in as you develop into your own person? I am so confident that if you're reading this, you'll be just fine wherever you go. You can do it!
What campus activities are you involved in? I have played Varsity Golf and currently play Varsity Tennis: I would highly recommend joining a sports team! Regardless of skill level the teams taught me how to balance time commitments and helped me make great friends across all grade levels! I also have participated in the College Prep Dance program, am a member of AAA (Asian American Alliance) and Women’s Shelter, and have been a representative  on Student Council since Freshman year. StuCo has been one of the most rewarding experiences at Prep for me, helping me meet fun, new people and building my interpersonal skills as well as public speaking confidence. 
What is your favorite College Prep memory?The first day of school when my friend and I were politely yelled at by one of my now best friends to "please move" and "watch out" as he chased after a flying and crashing drone. It was such a unique and truly "College Prep" moment that always makes me laugh!
What is your favorite place on campus?Gym deck! :) I have so many special memories there: with my friends from spirit week, running in the rain, lunches, and spontaneous coffee trips. The deck just makes me so happy and nostalgic.
What has been your favorite class?Freshmen English with Nancy! Our class was always early in the morning, and we would rotate bringing snacks almost every long block to keep us going. Other than making some of my closest friends and meeting a teacher who I am confident I will keep in touch with long after graduation, it was also the first English course where I actually enjoyed and loved the poetry unit. At the end of the year I was so proud of how my writing, analysis, and time management skills developed.
What has been the best thing about College Prep?I feel like everyone says this, (it's because it is so true!), but the community at College Prep is what drew me to the school and what has kept me here. The first thing I told my parents after Freshmen Orientation was that I hadn't talked with a single person who I didn't want to get to know better. The community is interesting, unique, and kind beyond measure. 
Who is your favorite character from a movie/book/television series?Calvin and Hobbes :)
1. I have a birthmark in one of my eyes. 
2. I've never broken a bone (knock on wood), but I've accidentally broken my brother's.
3. I work at a boba shop! :)