Name: Lily
Graduation Year: 2021
Middle School:  Orinda Intermediate
Hometown: Orinda
What's the biggest difference between middle school and high school? The pace and rigorous curriculum. Coming from all public schools growing up, I was not expected to be working as hard as I am at College Prep. I figured out quickly that time management and reaching to get outside help were very important for my success.
Why are you glad that you chose College Prep? I wanted to see how much I really could do academically. I was always pushed by my teachers and parents, telling me I could go further but I never had the internal push to do so. I wanted to see for myself whether I would enjoy this vigorous learning. I figured out I definitely do!
What advice do you have for 8th graders applying to high school? Take a step back, alone, and think about what you want your future to look like. After that, have some conversations with family and close friends. Listen to their opinions and advice, but when it comes down to your final decision, make sure it is something you're willing to put all your heart into (or at least your next four years).
What campus activities are you involved in? I am involved with Partners (academic school year tutoring as well as summer academy), the No Place for Hate Coalition, the STEM program, the College Prep Dance program, and the women's varsity tennis team.
What is your favorite College Prep memory? My best memory is from our first community day my freshman year. It was the first time that I acknowledged the tightness of our school and how much people cared about each other, no matter the age or familiarity with one another.
What is your favorite place on campus? The gym deck because it is the port of College Prep. Anyone that goes in or out of campus passes through the deck and because of that it is a social center of our school. Also, it’s normally really sunny there and I always appreciate some warmth.
What has been your favorite class? Freshman English with Nancy Steele because she taught the class in such a way that made everyone engaged and compatible. I always struggled with English, and I wasn't necessarily excited to start English class at a school specializing in language arts, but Nancy taught me how to read and analyze properly and made me love every piece of work we read.
What has been the best thing about College Prep? The opportunity we are given to learn enthusiastically. There is never shame when it comes to loving a class or a teacher.
Who is your favorite character from a movie/book/television series? Nola from "She's Gotta Have It" because she is unapologetically herself and isn't afraid to test social boundaries.
1. I love to paint with watercolor.
2. I go and watch the sunset most nights wherever in the world I am.
3. Math and science classes seriously excite me.