Name: Monique
Middle School:  Ecole Bilingue de Berkeley
Hometown: Oakland
What's the biggest difference between middle school and high school? The relationship between the teachers and students. Teachers treat you much more like young adults and equals rather than like children. This means that while they respect you and your opinions more, their classes move at a much faster pace and they expect much more of you.
Why are you glad that you chose College Prep? As soon as I set foot on the campus, I could tell that each student, teacher, and staff member was there because they were truly passionate about learning and community, and I knew that I would be able to pursue my variety of interests and thrive here.
What advice do you have for 8th graders applying to high school? There are many pressures on you about high school right now -- from parents, to applications, to testing -- but the most important thing to think about is which school will truly be the best fit for you. Envision yourself on the campus and in the classrooms, really consider every aspect of the school and how well it will fit with your personality. Feel free to reach out to any of the ambassadors and ask us questions, it's what we are here for ;). Last but not least, do not stress about it! It is not worth sacrificing the joy in your 8th grade year.
What campus activities are you involved in? I am a Black Student Union Co-Chair, Feminist Union Co-Chair, Student Equity Action Team member, so I like to be involved with the affinity spaces on campus. I have also been a Writing Coach and Science Brigade tutor since my junior year. I sang in the  Advanced Vocal Ensemble for 5 semesters and was a Choreo Series dancer for all four years and a Choreographer for the last two. I am also a PHIRE Senior, so I work to facilitate the sophomore Wellness and Decision Making course, which I have enjoyed greatly.
What is your favorite College Prep memory? There are too many to count, but I loved the  Junior Retreat as a whole, dancing with my sister in front of the whole school at the talent show and lip synch battle (and being supported and heavily congratulated by the student body), and nerding out with physics simulations during breaks in freshman year.
What is your favorite place on campus? I love the music lawn, because so many people like to gather there to eat, study, collaborate, play frisbee or spike ball, and engage with each other. There are many benches, either in the sun or in the shade, and it is very pleasantly warm there near the beginning and end of each year. I eat lunch with my friends there most of the time and have many fond memories of listening to music and joking with them. People of all grades like to hang out there, and it feels like at any given moment, there is a snapshot of the community there. It is a wonderful central spot on campus that nearly everyone passes through at least once a day on their way to and from classes.
What has been your favorite class? Linguistics was my favorite class at College Prep because it was an extremely interdisciplinary course. I was able to explore a variety of interests through the lens of language, which was already cool enough on its own. The teacher, Dr. Wilson, teaches it because he really loves the material and is invested in sharing it with us. I learned many interesting factoids as well as the pillars of language.
What has been the best thing about College Prep? THE PEOPLE. Of course, I love the warm and beautiful campus and the lovely classrooms and the variety of classes and clubs and activities offered, but above all, I love the passionate, diverse, welcoming, and interesting people on this campus. I have something to learn from every single person I meet here. Many teachers have been or have had the opportunity to be college professors, and yet they choose to teach here, simply because they love it and truly want to teach the students here.
Who is your favorite character from a movie/book/television series? Jim Halpert from The Office and Nick from New Girl and Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation
1. I can make a clover with my tongue.
2. I love pickles (to the point of drinking the juice in the jar).
3. I have an extra bone in my foot!