equity & belonging

At College Prep, we embrace the variety of backgrounds and life experiences within our community, and recognize that rich expression of diversity is essential to a meaningful education. Our work together is rooted in both principles and action:
We foster a community of compassion, joy, and true inclusivity through collaborative processes that cross lines of power and difference. 

We strive to cultivate an awareness of self and others that is rooted in respect and empathy, and that emphasizes the importance of taking responsibility for one’s impact and actions. 

We seek to identify and address systems and practices that create inequitable conditions within our community to ensure that each member trusts that they are cared for, seen, and valued.

We guide our students through their high school years as they develop the intellectual maturity to grapple with theories of systems of power and privilege, preparing them to navigate the world with authenticity, kindness, and sure-footedness. 

We hold in our hearts that this work is ongoing and invite others to hold us accountable through feedback and dialogue as we create sustainable systems that will nurture true belonging for all our students.

Our Commitment to Racial Equity and Belonging
College Prep acknowledges the destructive and pernicious role of anti-Black racism and white supremacy within institutions, including our own. We recommit our energy and resources to creating a transformed learning environment where each student is cared for, supported equitably, and prepared to participate in the creation of a more racially just world. The Board of Trustees Equity and Inclusion Committee and the Dean of Equity and Belonging work with the school community to catalyze and guide this work.

Building on College Prep’s existing equity framework and the Commitments affirmed by the School’s Board of Trustees, we engage in this work through approaches that include:

  • Making space for candid dialogue with stakeholders in our community.
  • Decentering whiteness in our curriculum and consciously bringing in varied racial, ethnic, and queer perspectives.
  • Providing students with a four-year curriculum that centers wellness, belonging, social impact, and social justice.
  • Facilitating regular anti-bias and anti-racist training for our faculty, staff, and Board of Trustees.

We invite you to follow our work, and to learn more about College Prep’s plans and actions.

Non-Discrimination Policy
College Prep admits students of any race, national and ethnic origin, creed, physical ability, economic status, gender identity, or sexual orientation, or any other basis protected by local, state, or federal law[1]  to enjoy all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally made to students at the School. The School applies all legal non-discrimination standards to School-administered programs, administrative practices, and in support of all members of the community.

 [1]The phrase “or any other basis protected by local, state, or federal law” is not included in the non-discrimination policy on the bottom of the School’s website. We recommend that the language on the website is consistent with the handbook.