The application process is an opportunity to reflect upon your goals for high school while you share with us your interests, activities, and passions. It involves significant time and care, and we hope the process is as educational and enjoyable for families as it is for us!
College Prep's online application portal for entry in Fall 2024 is now open.

  • 教师建议(3)
  • 成绩单(九年级申请者需提供七年级和八年级的成绩单)
  • 与学院预科教师或工作人员的面试
  • 给学生和家长的简答题/作文题
  • Assessment (applicants choose one of three pathways)
关于这些步骤的详细信息,可以在下面以及我们的"中国制造2025"中找到。 应用门户.

There is a $100 application fee ($150 for international applicants). To inquire about a full or partial waiver for this fee, please email admissions@college-prep.org or call (510) 652-4364.

Application portal

College Prep's application is online. If you have questions about your account, please contact Ravenna (ravenna-help@communitybrands.com) or reach out to our office. To get started with our application portal, follow these steps:
  1. 访问ravenna-hub.com并创建一个账户。
  2. 填写学生档案(学生信息、教育史、家庭信息)。
  3. Select San Francisco Bay Area as your primary region.
  4. In the School Directory select The College Preparatory School and click "Apply."


  • 开始使用 Ravenna

    Once you create your Student Profile, select the San Francisco Bay Area region and add The College Preparatory School to your list of schools.

    Our application, along with event registration, opens by September 1 each year. 
  • 入场活动

    College Prep hosts a variety of admissions events for prospective students and parents to get to know our community. All events except for office hours require advance registration via the admission portal. We encourage you to attend any events that are of interest. We do not expect families to attend all events. 

    Once logged in, families with students in 8th grade and above should click the "Apply" button to register for events. Families with students in 7th grade should click "Inquire/Explore" from within the portal. If your student is in the 6th grade or below, please use our website to learn about College Prep and plan to join us for admission events in 7th or 8th grade. 

    Events open to families with students in 8th grade and above.
    • Campus Tour and Information Panel (in-person)
    • Arts and Athletics Showcase (in-person)
    Events open to families with students in 7th grade and above (all virtual except where noted):
    • Admission Staff Office Hours
    • Black Family Affinity Gathering
    • Equity and Belonging Evening (in-person)
    • Faculty and Administration Panel
    • Financial Aid Information and Workshop
    • Humanities Information and Class Demonstration
    • Latinx Family Affinity Gathering
    • Math & Science Information and Class Demonstration
    • Public and Parochial School Information and Panel
    • Student Panel
    • Submit Family Forms (by Jan. 9, 2024)

      Applications for the 2024-2025 school year are live on our application portal and are due by January 9, 2024.
      From within the portal, the following family forms help us get to know your child and your family:
      • 学生活动及兴趣表(湾区通用表格)。
      • 学生速记与反思表
      • 学生声明(东湾通用表格
      • 家长声明

      • We want to get to know you and your family through your responses. There are no right or wrong answers to these questions.
      • The content of your responses is much more important than the length of your writing. Though most questions have character/word limits, please do not feel the need to write more just to reach these limits.
      • All forms other than the Parent Statement should be completed by the applicant without help from adults.
      • The use of generative AI (such as ChatGPT, Bard, Bing, Claude2, etc.) is antithetical to the process of getting to authentically know our applicants and is not allowed in any part of the application.
      • 请将您的工作副本与 Ravenna 分开保存在 Google Docs 或 Microsoft Word 等程序中。将您的回复从文字处理程序粘贴到 Ravenna 中时,请从头到尾仔细阅读,以确保所有格式和内容按您的意愿显示。
    • Optional: Financial Aid (by Jan. 9, 2024)

      The financial aid application is a two-step process that typically begins in early winter for families applying for admission as well as returning College Prep families currently receiving financial aid. Detailed information about the process is available on the financial aid pages of our website. 
    • Teacher Recommendations (by Feb. 1, 2024)

      College Prep's application requires three recommendations from the applicant's current English teacher, math teacher, and principal/counselor. Recommendations are requested through the admission portal. Some notes about teacher recommendations:

      • Only the applicant's current teachers should submit these forms
      • We advise waiting until after November 1 to ask teachers to complete recommendation forms
      • 校长/辅导员表可由校长、辅导员、顾问、师长等酌情提交。
      • Though the teacher recommendation forms have a due date of January 9 for some schools, we consider any recommendation submitted by February 1 to be on time
    • Transcripts (by Feb. 1, 2024)


      Some notes about transcripts:
      • Transcripts should be uploaded to Ravenna (preferred) or mailed to College Prep directly from the applicant's school
      • Our preference is that the applicant's school send all transcripts (7th and 8th grade) together rather than separately
      • 转学申请者应将当前的成绩单与前两年的成绩/成绩单一起寄送。
    • Interview (by Feb. 1, 2024)


      Some notes about interviews:
      • All interviews are conducted via Zoom
      • 面试只安排在已提交初审申请并缴纳报名费的学生身上。
      • Interviews can be scheduled from the portal beginning in October and take place throughout the fall and winter
      • 保证每个申请人都能得到面试机会
      • Check out our tips for Interviews here
    • Assessment Pathways (by Feb. 3, 2024)

      College Prep offers three pathways for our required admissions assessment. Each applicant should choose one option only. The Admission Committee has no preference between the different pathways; applicants will not be advantaged or disadvantaged based on their choice. Each applicant is encouraged to fulfill this requirement in the way that works best for them. Fee waivers are available from the admission office for all pathways. Accommodations for students with documented learning differences or physical challenges may be requested from the testing organizations.

      Pathway A: ISEE Exam
      Applicants can submit Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE) results to College Prep.

      The ISEE takes approximately three hours and includes a writing sample, as well as verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, reading comprehension, and math achievement sections. Learn more about what's on the ISEE here.

      The ISEE can be taken at home, at a school site, or at a Prometric test center. The cost ranges from $155 - $245 depending on the testing location.  There are additional late fees for those registering within three weeks of their testing date. 

      College Prep's ISEE code is 052192. The ISEE may be taken anytime between now and February 3, 2024. Register here

      Pathway B: SSAT Exam
      Alternatively, ninth grade applicants can submit Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT) results to College Prep.

      The SSAT takes approximately three hours and includes a writing sample, as well as math, verbal, and reading comprehension sections. Learn more about what's on the SSAT here.

      The SSAT can be taken at home, at a school site, or at a Prometric test center. The cost ranges from $169 - $255 depending on the testing location.  There are additional late fees for those registering within three weeks of their testing date. 

      College Prep's SSAT code is 2484. The SSAT may be taken anytime between now and February 3, 2024. Register here

      Pathway C: Online Writing Assessment
      Alternatively, submit a timed writing sample administered by Test Innovators. Sessions are offered on various dates in the fall and winter. The cost is $50. 

      On the day of the writing sample, students will join a Zoom room and receive an essay prompt from a live proctor. They will have 30 minutes to plan, write, and submit an essay on the topic. The writing sample can be shared with several other Bay Area independent high schools. A list of schools who accept the sample is available upon registration.

      Transfer Applicants
      Transfer applicants may submit PSAT, SAT, or ACT test scores in addition to or in lieu of the pathways outlined above.
    • Decision Notification (March 15, 2024)

      College Prep applicants with completed applications can see their admission decision from within their Ravenna account on Friday, March 15, 2024, after 4:00 PM. We do not release decisions at any other time.

      Applicants offered admission to College Prep are required to respond to their admission offer by Friday, March 22, 2024 at 10:00 AM.
    • 留学生指南

      • College Prep不与任何国际安置机构和组织合作。我 们邀请国际家庭直接与我们的招生办公室合作。
      • College Prep不提供任何英语语言学习课程,如ESL或ELL。我们所有的课程(除了世界语言课程)都是用英语授课。优秀的国际申请者应在申请前具备流利或接近流利的英语能力。 
      • College Prep is a day school. We do not offer a boarding program nor do we organize home-stays for international students. Most international students who have attended College Prep have relocated to the Bay Area with their immediate family.
      • Applicants who hold dual citizenship between the United States and another country are considered domestic applicants to College Prep. International students admitted to College Prep who require an I-20 sponsored by the school to study in the United States will be given further guidance at the time of admittance.


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