Productions strive for high artistic excellence while offering exciting and creative opportunities.
There are two major drama productions every year—one in the fall and another in spring—where students shine both on stage as actors and behind the scenes as the technical crew.


  • 代理

    This class introduces the fundamentals of acting. Students are trained in theater traditions and taught the work habits and skills of a professional theater artist. Both individual and ensemble work are emphasized. Participants develop spontaneity, creative problem-solving, and the expressive use of the body and voice through exercises, improvisation, games, and in-class scene work. All students analyze scripts, learn to evaluate visual texts, and take creative risks.
  • Advanced Drama

    Students in this advanced course experiment with acting processes, working to balance heightened language with natural acting techniques, practicing period-specific dramaturgical work, and gaining depth in character development. The class studies plays of different genres and, time permitting, also does improv and playwriting.
  • 戏剧表演

    College Prep’s drama productions span a variety of theatrical styles and time periods, including an annual musical. Each production is a unique adventure for the cast and tech crew. Recent productions include: A Midsummer’s Night Dream, The Pirates of Penzance, Frankenstein, and Mamma Mia! In Fall 2023, the production will be Argonautika: The Voyage of Jason and the Argonauts. No prior acting experience is required; enrollment and casting are by audition, usually held in the first week of each semester. Drama Performance meets after school.
  • 戏剧技术

    Students design and create all of the technical aspects of each semester’s College Prep drama production. This after-school class begins by reading the play, discussing it with the director, and determining its look and feel. Drama Tech students then create the sets, props, costumes, light, and sound for the production. During performances, class members crew the show backstage and in the tech booth. No prior tech experience is required.
  • 舞台艺术

    This course provides hands-on experience with a wide variety of tools and techniques commonly used in the creation of theatrical productions. Students develop confidence working with physical materials, nurture their artistic sensibilities, and have fun with the creative process. Projects include carpentry, stage lighting, metalwork, sound design, mask-making, scenic paint techniques, theatrical makeup, and stage design.


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