visual arts

Visual arts classes offer a broad range of courses for students with all levels of artistic training.
Foundation level classes focus on building creative and technical skills through an array of media. Students also learn to develop their understanding of aesthetics, and critical visual analysis. As students progress to more advanced levels, they continue to expand and hone their conceptual and technical knowledge. Advanced level students design their coursework with faculty, exploring and growing their creative vision and interests. Three major art exhibitions, and many smaller ones, are mounted throughout the year.


  • 艺术高级项目

    This course is for seniors with a background in visual arts who want to hone their personal style and self-expression through the creation of a mature, full body of work. Students choose a theme to explore in depth and develop a project that they work on throughout the year. Conversations about work in progress and critiques of final projects further the understanding of the art-making process. Students in this class exhibit their work in a group show at the end of the school year.
  • 摄影高级项目

    This is a deep and personal independent photography study for advanced students. Ongoing dialogue and critiques throughout the year help students build a body of work inspired by their own interests. The course culminates in an exhibition at the end of the spring semester.
  • 初学摄影

    This hands-on course introduces students to the fundamental skills and principles of photography. Topics include the rules of composition, exposure, and lighting through the use of digital cameras and image editing software such as Lightroom and Photoshop. Students learn to analyze visual imagery and understand what it means to be a photographer with the help of 35mm film cameras, darkroom technology, and negative scans.
  • 绘图与设计

    Drawing and Design is a first year art course that explores a wide variety of artistic concepts including color theory, modeling perspective, and composition and makes use of different media such as black and white drawing materials, pastels, watercolors, and acrylics. Art is made from observation, memory, and imagination. Sculpture projects, digital tools, and Photoshop are introduced in this skill-building class, which is designed for students with any level of art experience. Study of artists and stylistic movements, occasional writing projects, art vocabulary, and class critiques are incorporated throughout the course to develop students’ ability to understand and discuss art.
  • Filmmaking & Video Production

    In this course, students produce short, narrative films, learn how to write screenplays and work in crews to shoot, edit, and show their work. This soup-to-nuts filmmaking study teaches the art of directing, the operation of boom microphones, how to light scenes for emotion, and editing theory through the use of industry-standard software.
  • 中级艺术

    In this course students develop their personal style, artistic vision, and creative expression through the exploration of various art and design genres. Building on the skills introduced in Drawing and Design, Intermediate Art emphasizes concept and quality over quantity as students work to refine their art. The course may be repeated for credit, as the curriculum and assignments change each semester, allowing students’ work to progress over time.
  • 中级摄影

    Intermediate Photography students create imagery with storytelling and thematic elements. Students build upon their foundational skills while investigating specific areas of photography such as portraiture, abstract, motion, presentation, and more. This exploration requires initiative and an interest in experimentation through frequent opportunities to make creative choices. The curriculum for Intermediate Photography varies each semester, allowing students to repeat the course for credit.
  • Nexus:设计与创造课程

    This visual arts class investigates the intersection of art, design, technology, and culture. Each student develops a personalized design project, beginning with mock-up sketches in pencil, moving to computer software renderings, and ultimately fabricating objects using the tools available in College Prep’s art room and the xLab makerspace. Using design software, 3D printers, laser cutters, and sewing machines as well as drawing, crafting, and sculpting, students explore various aspects of design and creation.


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