Bay Area BlendEd Consortium

The Bay Area BlendEd Consortium was founded in 2013 by College Prep and four other schools in order to jointly offer a set of blended classes combining face-to-face and online instruction. Now in its seventh year, membership has expanded to include seven school partners who are committed to making the most of online learning, remarkable teacher-student connections, and Bay Area resources.

Teaching and learning continue to be influenced by the use of digital technology, The BlendEd Consortium combines best practices for online learning with member schools’ proven strengths in direct classroom instruction and experiential learning. By creating a blended model, where students access the curriculum and teachers online as well as through regular face-to-face meetings, teachers help students prepare for the changing methods of instruction and communication they will see in college and in the workforce while preserving the core relational culture that lies at the heart of each schools’ educational mission.
What I enjoyed most about BlendEd was being able to do projects that wouldn’t be possible in a classroom because of limitations of time and space. It opens up more time for trips and fieldwork.”      
— Alum
2022-23 BlendEd course offerings: 
  •  American Politics 
  •  Applied AI in Python
  •  Black Holes and Einstein’s Theory of Relativity
  •  Digital Music Production
  •  Ecological Architecture
  •  Financial Literacy
  •  Gender Studies
  •  Intro to Comparative Ethnic Studies
  •  Multivariable Calculus
  •  Public Health & Vulnerable Populations
  •  Shakespeare in Performance
  •  Social Psychology