Name: Leo
Graduation Year: 2025
Middle School: Aspire Berkley Maynard Academy
Hometown: El Sobrante

What has been your favorite class so far (and why)? My favorite class has been Physics. I love the thinking, logical, and experimental side of science. It tends to make sense to me but even when it doesn't make sense I still love it. It can be incredibly challenging and frustrating but once you figure it out, it is incredibly rewarding.
What is your favorite thing about College Prep? I love how kind and accepting the people at College Prep are and how I’m exposed to many different types of people. The students are incredibly welcoming and the faculty are even more so. Although I came to Prep afraid because it was a high school, worried about making friends, and anxious to see the difference between a public and private school, I was immediately greeted by some amazing advisors, weird and fun friends, and kind administrators. I will forever be grateful to how kind the community is and will preach to anyone who mentions the name about how kind the school is.
What is your favorite place on campus (and why)? I really enjoy relaxing by the winding tree off the back side of campus. It’s a quiet spot on campus with little foot traffic. I go there to relax and destress when I need to get away.
What is your best College Prep memory? The first dance we as freshmen had was one of my favorite days to this day. It was a day filled with anxiety and fear but also happiness and excitement. I wasn't yet familiar with everyones name and yet I felt incredibly connected with everyone there. My senior mentor hosted our whole ninth grade advisory for dinner before the dance and then we walked to the dance together. I had so much fun meeting people, being awkward with people, and dancing.
Campus Involvement: Varsity Volleyball team - I have gotten connections with a team of people that have pushed me physically and shown me the reward of hard work; LatinX club - A club where I have found people like me with similar upbringings and points of view that I have; GSA club - This is a club where I have found a group of people that have similar ideas as I do and want to create an inclusive space on campus.

What is your favorite character from a movie/book/television series? I love Ponyo from Studio Ghibli. It is my comfort movie and I love how wild and sporadic Ponyo acts.
Three unusual things about you: 
1. I play Squash
2. I love propagating plants
3. I am full of unusual facts