Name: Lila 
Graduation Year: 2025
Middle School: Redwood Day
Hometown: Oakland
What advice would you give to 8th graders applying to high school? Everything is going to work out, so keep your options open. I never thought I would be attending College Prep and at first, had no intentions of even applying. But I decided, on the possibility of getting in, that I should apply. Even when I was accepted into CPS, I still was adamant I would not like it there and that there would be no point in me going. It turns out, I was wrong. Overall it has been a fantastic fit for me. It is important to trust the process and not underestimate all your options.
Campus Involvement: Photography, Volleyball, Soccer, Feminist Union
What has been your favorite class so far (and why)? Personally, I have always been drawn to History and Science classes, so I loved Asian Worlds and Physics at College Prep. At the beginning of the year I was exceptionally intimidated by the two classes after hearing stories from upperclassmen who raved about how difficult they were. But after struggling with my first Physics test and receiving the first lesson on how to study, no matter how difficult that was for me, my tune changed. I suddenly found myself engaged in every lesson and excited for all the new material that was accessible to me. These two classes were filled with hands-on activities and discussions where I was able to showcase my personal strengths and learn from others. And yes, these two classes have their difficulties and I have definitely spent the most time studying for the two, but my interest in both subjects has out-weighed the struggles I have faced. These two classes not only taught me how to scribble down notes as fast as I could, but also how to ask for help when I wasn't understanding a topic, specifically in Physics with my bi-weekly meetings with Ms. Stanton to review for tests and quizzes. As I continue forward in my CPS education, I want to pursue topics like History and Science because these two classes have only increased my desire to learn about them.
What is your favorite thing about College Prep? College Prep is completely different compared to all my other educational experience: every single student is enthusiastic to learn. There is something so different about the entire classroom being engaged and excited about the content that makes CPS unlike any of my previous schools. This environment allows for teachers to dive deeper into specific questions and for each class to be different from the next. One of my fondest CPS memories was in English class when a brief ice-breaker question initiated a debate about Greek mythology and its relevance to modern society and the book we were reading. This conversation carried us through different views of societal expectation and an interesting new perspective on the interconnections between fiction and history. Although this question has nothing to do with the lesson plan, my teacher was able to diverge from her plans for the class to help satisfy all of her students' interest in a separate topic. Conversations like these have fueled my yearning for knowledge of all different types and the conditions CPS is able to provide are exceptional for those opportunities.