Name: Nigel Willacy
Graduation Year: 2025
Middle School: The Academy
Hometown: Oakland
What is your favorite thing about College Prep? My favorite thing about College Prep is its community. Everywhere on campus, you can see and feel College Prep's strong sense of community and its values. Students are kind to one another and I've found that you don't need an excuse to want to be someone's friend. I've been able to forge meaningful connections with people I barely know or just met, and create memorable experiences by being part of the CPS community. Students are always willing to help each other out with schoolwork, but it doesn't end there. College Prep's community is especially amazing because of its spirit outside of the classroom. Both Spirit Weeks were really enjoyable experiences because they created a really strong sense of being part of something larger than oneself. To have people you barely know cheer you on in a tug-of-war match or dress to match with you for a spirit dress-up is the most important part of the College Prep experience, and my favorite part of College Prep.
What advice would you give to 8th graders applying to high school? Remember that you're looking for a high school that is a good fit for you. You should try to find a place where you can be your authentic self, that you will enjoy spending time at, that you can imagine being your home. There might be a ton of voices surrounding you, trying to influence your decision, but follow your own.

Why did you choose College Prep? I chose College Prep because the community seemed really kind and passionate about learning. Everyone I talked to during the admissions process made a point to emphasize how students are approachable and it's easy to connect with people over what you're studying in class and shared interests both in and outside of school. That’s been my experience here too. 
Biggest difference between middle school and high school? The size. Compared to my middle school, College Prep is really big, and I wasn't used to having different people in every class. It was an adjustment at first, but getting to know so many different people has been a good way for me to gain new perspectives.
Campus Involvement: Debate, Cross Country, and I’m the consul of Latin Club.
What has been your favorite class so far (and why)? Physics has been my favorite class. I'm not much of a science kid, I didn't come into the year excited to learn about physics. But Ms. Stanton's energy and devotion to the subject have really kept me engaged this whole year. The curriculum is crafted to go deep into each topic that we learn about without making it boring or repetitive. We used a variety of media to learn about each topic, and every lesson was a step further into the unknown, Ms. Stanton guiding us with her well-planned lessons and charismatic explanations. I enjoyed how we didn't just have one way to approach learning about a topic, we had activities and projects that brought about a sense of friendly competition in the classroom. The physics curriculum had a good balance between the use of imagination and logic and wasn't created just for one learning style. Physics homework, while often hard and stressful, was fun and became something I procrastinated, not because I didn't want to do it, but in order for me to have something to look forward to.
What is your favorite place on campus (and why)? The steps in front of the blue mural on the Hill Project. I have a lot of good memories there, eating lunch with friends, working through difficult problems with classmates during Math class, or spending free periods chilling in the shade and playing games and doing homework.
What is your favorite character from a movie/book/television series? I don't really have one, but I think that April Ludgate from Parks and Rec is funny.
Three unusual things about you:
1. I do the Wordle every day I can and spend my free time doing the New York Times Crossword and Spelling Bee game
2. I like baking, I've been making a lot of scones lately.
3. I'm a second-degree black belt in taekwondo.