Name: Sonam Manghani
Graduation Year: 2023
Middle School: Seven Hills
Hometown: Pleasant Hill
Why did you choose College Prep? I was amazed by how kind all of the students were. Walking into Dr. Lane's physics class during my shadow visit, I was quite nervous, but the students all made an effort to introduce themselves and to try and get to know me. I immediately felt the sense of community that I had heard everyone talking about. Now, looking back two years later, I couldn't be happier to call College Prep my community.
What's the biggest difference between middle school and high school? The overall love of learning throughout the community. At my middle school, enjoying the classroom was not always the norm. However, at College Prep, students are excited by the classroom environment, which is why I love CPS so much. Being surrounded by engaged and curious students has pushed me to become a better learner.
What is your favorite place on campus? The benches on the music lawn! I love eating lunch on the music lawn, playing guitar, or working on homework. So, if you ever want to say hi to me, come to the music lawn :)
What are you involved in on Campus? I am on the tennis team! Tennis has been my passion for as long as I can remember: picture three-year-old Sonam playing tennis with her Dora the Explorer tennis racket. Before coming to College Prep, tennis was a very individual sport for me. However, having a team full of girls that share that same passion has pushed me to become a better teammate and athlete. Additionally, I have been a Student Council Representative for three semesters, during my time at Prep. Being on Student Council has been a rewarding experience in so many ways. Not only did I improve my public speaking and leadership skills, but I was also able to give back to my class community. Aside from tennis and Student Council,I am also involved in the Partners program! Mentoring Oakland public school students has been an incredibly rewarding experience. The Partners Program is one of the outlets through which I am able to give back to my Oakland community, by helping students like me grow a passion and love for learning. I am also a member of the South Asian Alliance and have taken beginning instruments and photography. 

What has been the best thing about College Prep? The faculty! While the faculty at College Prep are brilliant, they are also down to earth and care about each student. I have come to look up to many of my teachers and coaches and have created great bonds with them outside of the classroom.
Who is your favorite character from a movie/book/television series? Chandler Bing from Friends! (second best is Ross Geller from Friends)
1. l absolutely love playing ping pong (come play with me on the gym deck).
2. I like making my bed each morning.
3. I have lived in three different continents.