Name: Zane
Graduation Year: 2024
Middle School: Foothill Middle School
Hometown: Walnut Creek
What advice would you give to 8th graders applying to high school? Be yourself! The admissions committee are not looking for some perfect version of you, they are looking for you! So be honest with what you put on your application, and make sure it represents you, not anyone else.
Why did you choose College Prep? I chose College Prep because I felt the school was looking at me and accepting me for who I was. When I was accepted, the admissions committee hand-wrote a card to me. On it, there were notes of all my hobbies and how they were excited to offer me a spot in their class. From then on, I have truly felt that I am accepted for being myself, and encouraged to be myself at College Prep.
What is your favorite place on campus (and why)? My favorite spot on campus is the gully. Whether we are cheering for Spirit Week, throwing dodgeballs, or playing Wiffle ball, you truly cannot beat the energy and excitement of the gully!
Campus Involvement: I am one of the leaders of Cubing Club! We learn how to solve Rubik’s cubes and we practice solving them as fast as we can, even participating in official competitions. I also play baseball, a sport I’ve always loved, yet never seemed to be great at. Baseball at College Prep has taught me how to be a good leader and how to recover from failure, and how to celebrate your successes! I’m also a part of Math Club, where we participate in both individual and team competitions, and overall, have fun solving challenging math problems!
What has been your favorite class so far (and why)? Chemistry! Going into my sophomore year, I did not expect this class to be my favorite, however, my teacher was very engaging and always took time to look out for the students! At the same time, my teacher was always available to students, happy to answer any question, and one of the best teachers I have ever had in my life.
What is your favorite thing about College Prep? The community here! People are very friendly and love talking to each other! There are many ways to find people who have similar hobbies as you, and many of my friends come from just playing a sport or sharing a common love. Even across grade levels, I have conversations with people all across campus and it's really fun chilling on campus!
Three unusual things about you:
1. I have a twin sister who also attends College Prep!
2. I lived in Argentina for a year, which means I have taken three semesters of first grade, due to the Southern Hemisphere’s winter being in June.
3. I have a baseball YouTube channel! I analyze certain players and events and look at the statistics behind them. The goal of the channel is to understand why managers make certain decisions and why they fail or succeed.