PAEBC Speaker Event: Supporting Gifted Students of Color

The Parents’ Association Equity and Belonging Committee welcomed Dr. Frank Worrell for an evening presentation and discussion with parents. We were honored to host Dr. Worrell, whose work is internationally recognized. Currently, he is a Professor in the Graduate School of Education at UC Berkeley, where he serves as Faculty Director of the School Psychology program, the Academic Talent Development Program, and the California College Preparatory Academy. He also holds an affiliate appointment in the Social and Personality Area in the Department of Psychology and is the President-Elect of the American Psychological Association.

Dr. Worrell shared some of his research, focusing on topics of particular interest to the College Prep community: the psychology of high performance, the role of cultural identity in educational outcomes, and talent development as a framework for gifted education. In a wide-ranging presentation, Dr. Worrell addressed both general issues and some of the special burdens minorities face in predominantly white school settings. Dr. Worrell’s findings offered insight into the protective factors that cultivates resilience in the face of stereotype threat and other impediments. To learn more about Dr. Worrell and his work, please click here.

Thanks to the PAEBC for continuing to support important conversations with our parent/guardian community.